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PHRGR00051 - Vampire’s Vow Series 2: Clement And Breniella (With Every Beat Of My Heart)

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Spring Mendez
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“Your power is beyond control, Breniella. You are by far the strongest creature I’ve ever met. Kaya mo akong pasunurin sa isang kumpas lang ng mga kamay mo. Kaya mo ring paikutin ang buong mundo ko nang hindi mo namamalayan.”


Si Clement na ang nagsilbing guardian ni Breniella mula nang mamayapa ang kanyang ama. Walang sandali sa buhay niya na hindi dumating ang binata sa tuwing kailangan niya kaya hindi niya naiwasang mahalin ito sa paglipas ng mga taon.
She had always regarded Clement as her hero. Kaya nang malaman niyang may pagtingin din ito sa kanya ay hindi niya na pinalampas pa ang pagkakataong maging sila. And they were happy—for a while—until she witnessed him biting someone else one night, with blood all over his mouth.
And then he compelled her to forget what happened, only to bring back her memories just as when she was starting to fall in love with him all over again…


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