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RR00131 : Redeeming James

PHP 244.00
Kelly Hart
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They hated each other with a passion 
that can burn the whole planet. But the physical attraction 
between them was as unstoppable and destructive 
as two neutron stars colliding.



Parehong emotionally unstable sina James Salgado at Sasha Dela Torre nang una silang magkita. During that time, James was the worst version of himself while Sasha was grieving and angry. Their one-night stand was raw, messy and angry but it was also the best time she ever had. 
At nang magtagpo sila sa pangalawang pagkakataon, nalaman niya na may hidden agenda pala si James sa paglapit sa kanya. He used her and left her with a broken soul. 
But Sasha Dela Torre was a strong woman. She was able to pick up the pieces of herself and continue with her busy life. 
Two years later, nagkita silang muli. Nagulat si Sasha kasi parang ibang tao na si James sa lalaking nakilala niya dati. Sa pagkakataong iyon, hindi na lang physical attraction ang mayroon sila. Umusbong din ang emotional connection sa pagitan nilang dalawa. At habang lalo niyang nakikilala kung sino talaga si James, lalong natatakot si Sasha.
She was falling in love with him. But can she really handle all his secrets and all his sins?


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