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LASG00002 - Los Allegros: A Man Without Love

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Margarita Nuestro
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“I’m madly in love with you, Madelleine. Your name really connotes madness.”



Mainit na agad ang dugo ni Madelleine kay Norman the first time she saw him. She didn’t care if this man saved her father’s life.

Pero nang ipilit ng kanyang ama na ipakasal ang lalaki sa panganay niyang kapatid, bakit parang higit ang pagtutol niya kaysa sa mga mismong ikakasal? Inudyukan pa niya ang kanyang Ate Kashmir na tumakas para hindi matuloy ang kasal.

Kaya laking gulat ni Madelleine nang siya ang hingin ni Norman sa kanyang ama bilang kapalit ni Kashmir. He wanted her to be his bride.

Dapat ba siyang matuwa? She would be marrying the most attractive man she had ever met in her whole life.

But this man didn’t know the meaning of love. And with that thought, hindi niya maintindihan kung bakit siya nasasaktan…


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