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CBK00543 - Super Ningning

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Liwliwa N. Malabed
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Ningning has a problem. In school, she is never enjoined to play patintero, is always pushed and tripped by the school bullies, is gossipped about and laughed at. To fight all these, she needs super powers!

But where would she find super powers?

Find out in this story where the super powers Ningning has been dreaming of came from and how she came to have super friends.


May problema si Ningning. Sa eskuwelahan, lagi siyang itsa-puwera sa patintero, itinutulak at pinapatikd ng school bullies, pinagtsitsismisan at pinagtatawanan. Upang malabanan ang lahat ng ito, kailangan niya ng super powers!

Pero saan siya maghahagilap ng super powers?

Alamin sa kuwentong ito kung saan nanggaling ang super powers na pinapangarap ni Ningning at kung paano siya nagkaroon ng super friends.


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