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EMS00001 - Empire Series 1: Ivann Monteallegre

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Agatha Escalona
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She was safe in Ivann’s arms… and to hell with everybody na kokontra sa kanyang love life.

Keithlyn “Keith” Labador was probably the wildest person who ever existed on earth. She was mean, street-smart, selfish, arrogant, and worst of all, an attention-seeker. Ayaw niya sa lahat ang nasasapawan siya. Until she met the handsome, uptight and definitely conservative Ivann Monteallegre—who, according to her own investigations, ay may masamang balak daw sa kanyang adopted sister. And being that mean and cunning lady Keith was known for, of course, mabilis siyang nagplano para masira ang so-called good image ng binata sa kanyang kapatid. But as her crazy plans unfolded, mukhang may isang bagay siyang hindi napaghandaan.
She—the ultimate Drama Queen—seemed to be falling madly in love with Ivann. Pero ano ang kanyang gagawin kung mukhang nagkakagusto na rin ang kanyang kapatid sa lintik na Ivann na iyon?


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