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LIB00535 : Montenegro University

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“From the very first time I laid my eyes on you,

I know that you’ll be a big part of my life.”




Sa ayaw at sa gusto ko ay kailangan kong lisanin ang nakasanayang buhay sa probinsiya at mamuhay sa magulong mundo ng Maynila. Napilitan din akong lumipat ng school kung saan nagbago ang takbo ng buhay ko. I never expected that this university teaches every student how to pleasure someone’s body. Nobody told me that this university requires every student to attend this weird subject called Learning Pleasure.

Pero dahil sa subject na iyon ay nakilala ko ang isang Saturn Montenegro—a hot and gorgeous man that made my world go wild.

Hindi ko inakalang mahuhulog ang loob ko kay Saturn nang maging tutor ko siya. As everything unfolds, may mga tanong akong hindi ko mahanapan ng sagot.

Can I stop myself from falling in love with Saturn? Can making love be a trigger to start a deeper and mutual feelings for each other? Or will I be just a girl whom Saturn will bed and forget afterwards?

My name is Fatima Krisologo, and this is my journey in Montenegro University…


Total Price: PHP 519.25

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