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LASG00005 - Los Allegros Series 5 - Don't Say Good-bye Love

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Margarita Nuestro
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"I swear, I would be the last, but not the least in his list."


There was instant attraction the firth time their eyes met. 

Renas was so gorgeous and rich-every woman's dream sa Hacienda Allegro. Ang lalaki ang sagot sa mtagal nang pangarap ni Jessica na yumaman. Kapag pumasok ito sa kanyang bitag, kaiinggitan siya ng mga kaibigan. 

Jessica was beautiful and sexy, pang-beauty queen ang porma. Siya ang puwedeng i-display ni Renan sa barkada.

Pareho silang may kanya-kanyang motibo kung bakit nagsikap na mapansin ng bawat isa. But who could have known that they were destined to fall in love with each other? So much in love that even if they were hurting each other-it was so hard for them to say "good-bye."


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