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PPS00092 - The Camp Series One - His Secret Agent Secretary

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“I’m in an endless darkness before. And like an angel that you are, you pulled me out of that place making me a better man.”



Ako si Paige Lawrence. Ang sabi nila, mukha raw akong babasaging manyika. Mukha raw akong inosente. But I’m not.

Nagtatrabaho ako sa The Camp. Akala ng mga tao, ang The Camp ay isa lang lugar na puwede nilang pagbakasyunan. Isang lugar na nakakapagtaka man sa mga nagpupunta roon ay pinamumugaran ng mga babaeng parang mga modelo at mga lalaking makikita lang sa mga billboard ads. At dito sa The Camp, sila ay mga janitor, waitress, receptionist, bellboy at chambermaid lang.

But it’s just our cover. The Camp is a secret organization that was established by my parents, Greg and Sage Veronica Lawrence. And yes, all of the employees at The Camp are secret agents.

Katulad na lang ngayon. Katatanggap ko lang ng mission from my father. I need to pretend as the secretary of Aries Liam Wright, a hotshot businessman. And also… my ex-fiancé.

How the hell can I do this mission? Every minute of it will be like hell. Kung bakit naman kasi sa lahat ng taong puwedeng maging next mission ko, siya pa. But there’s no turning back.

So, Paige Lawrence… Welcome to hell.


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