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SWG00013 : Sweetheart 13, Someday My Prince

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Martha Cecilia
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“Your father trusted me, gave me a future. He also gave me something to hold on to—you. Loving you was a betrayal of his trust… now you understand why I can’t love you…”



He would be hers… someday.

Walong taong gulang si Delaney Williams nang iuwi ng kanyang ama ang isang labimpitong taong gulang na lalaki—an orphan. She knew she hated him. But the moment she laid eyes on the handsome young man, she promised herself that he would be her husband someday.

She was forbidden…

Utang ni Prince Delgado kay Major Zachary Williams ang kanyang buhay, ang pagkalalaki, ang dignidad. He had every intention of paying him back. Subalit hindi niya inaasahang ito mismo ang magtatakda ng pagbabayad. Kung paano at kung kailan. When Zachary died, he left Prince a legacy—the spoiled brat Delaney Williams.


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