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PPS00156 : SCIU Case Files No. 2: Desperate

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Venice Jacobs
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TITLE: SCIU Case Files No. 2: Desperate

AUTHOR: Venice Jacobs


PAGES: 640


CATCHLINE: “Nobody will ever be safe from the monsters inside their heads.”

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Revenge—it’s the main driving force for anyone to kill. Iyon ang nagsisilbing lead ng special team ni Senior Inspector Lizette Salcedo para sa hawak nilang bagong kaso sa SCIU. Ang mga napatay na biktima ay wala namang link sa isa’t isa pero lahat ng mga ito ay karapat-dapat na paghigantihan. The evidences didn’t point to anyone on their suspect lists. But interestingly, these same people seemed to be protecting the killer. It seemed that the person behind these killings was hiding behind the shadows.

As time went by, Lizette and her team realized that this killer didn’t need a motive to kill and didn’t even need to know its victims. This made the case more dangerous. Napuno ng katanungan ang kanilang team tungkol sa identity ng killer. Why was this killer doing all these crimes? And what would happen if one of their team members became the next target?

Magagawa kaya ni Lizette na hulihin ang killer, lalo na kung ito ay isa sa mga taong nakakuha ng tiwala niya sa umpisa pa lang?



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